WisB Global offers the following services:

Time and Materials – Single Support Call

We provide “On request support” as and when problems arise.

Time and Material – Infrastructure Deployment
WisB Global efficiently deploys ICT Infrastructure projects where every solution is regarded as a project in its own right and special attention is dedicated to the documentation of requirements. Every project is conceived under a vision scope, which is further described in a functional specification. These documents together with a project plan become the fundamental guide for the deployment of the project. At the conclusion of the project, a verification and sign-off process is completed, ensuring that customer expectations have been met and that project documentation remains with the customer.

Contracted Support

This service allows customers to purchase a set number of support hours per quarter from us, under guaranteed response time to attend to support calls. The usage of the contract is flexible. It can be used for almost any task that involves ICT activities on the Network, such as:

Day-to-day maintenance and housekeeping tasks

One-to-one training and skills transfer
Further development of the existing ICT infrastructure
Implementation of new systems to meet specific customer requirements

The usage of the contract is administered in conjunction with the customer. Under the scope of the contract, BJNET Solutions becomes a “Technology Partner”, providing advice on the technologies available and the best way to address technological change in line with business requirements, acting as a compliment to existing internal resources. This allows the internal ICT personnel to concentrate their efforts on the management and planning of ICT.